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About me

Violin making is a craft but also a science. That’s why I consider myself a craftsman luthier and field researcher, and I consider my workshop a “Lutherie Studio”.

I work using traditional methods, but without renouncing the advances that help me to improve the result of my work. I also research on the ancient construction techniques and on the possibilities that modern technology offers. I enjoy reproducing historical instruments, but I also like to try new things, because I believe that innovation is the basis of progress.

But violin making is also, and above all, an art; that is why I build my instruments and my bows with the same passion with which I play violin or I sing, with the same concentration and the same devotion as if I were on a stage. The applause that you receive with an instrument born from my hands or that has passed through my workshop, I also receive it with you. That’s why I love my work, because the applause is, after all, the true food of the artist.

Member of the Spanish Society of Professional Violin and Bow Makers


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