Passion and Skill in Luthiery.

Member of the Spanish Association of Professional Luthiers and Bow Makers.

Lutherie is both a craft and a science. That’s why I consider myself a craftsman luthier and a field researcher, and I regard my workshop as a ‘Lutherie Studio.’

I have the privilege of combining my love for music with my technical skills to breathe life into beautiful instruments that inspire musicians of all kinds.

I always aim to push the boundaries of creativity and craftsmanship excellence. Each instrument that leaves my workshop is the result of a meticulous process of design and construction, where I strive to capture the essence of the musician who will play it.

I find joy in reproducing historical instruments, but I also enjoy experimenting with new ideas because I believe innovation is the foundation of progress.

However, luthiery is, above all, an art; that’s why I build my instruments and bows with the same passion I bring to playing the violin or singing, with the same concentration and dedication as if I were on stage.

The applause you achieve with an instrument crafted by my hands or that has passed through my workshop is received by me alongside you. That’s why I love my work, as applause, dear musician, is the true nourishment of the artist.

In my artisan workshop located in Béjar, I have the privilege of combining my love for music with my technical skills to bring beautiful instruments to life that inspire musicians.

Eduardo Frances Taller - About Me
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Over the past few years, I’ve had the privilege of working with a wide variety of musical instruments, including acoustic guitars, electric guitars, violins, violas, cellos, and double basses. Each project is unique, and I am passionate about the challenge of creating an instrument that reflects the personality and style of each musician.

In my workshop, I use traditional techniques and high-quality materials to ensure excellence in every instrument I build. I pay attention to the minutest details to ensure that each instrument has a balanced sound, a responsive feel, and exceptional visual beauty.

In addition to instrument construction, I also offer repair and restoration services. I understand how important it is for a musician to have an instrument in optimal condition, so I am committed to providing quality work and effective solutions for any issues that may arise.


Artisanal Production


Inspired by the principles of classical lutherie and following traditional construction methods, I create my instruments. Paying utmost attention to even the smallest detail, I seek the perfect harmony between acoustics and aesthetics.


Each musical era requires a specific interpretative technique. Especially crafted for each period, I make my bows without compromises. Working in a historically informed manner, I base my bows on paintings and other sources that bring me closer to the sensibilities of those times.


From a simple gluing of a crack to a complete restoration, I always pay the utmost attention and care, with the constant goal of restoring the full warmth of the instrument.
Knowledge of the anatomy and acoustics of instruments, along with mastery of carving, gluing, varnishing, and adjusting techniques.
A passion that motivates me to perfect my craft and always strive for excellence in every instrument I build or repair.
Meticulous and meticulous work, taking care of the instrument from the selection of wood to the fine tuning of the strings.
I shape the instruments and design decorative details, achieving an aesthetic balance in each piece of work.


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