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My instruments

An approach to my work

As I remember, ancient music has always been present in my life. And since I discovered the interpretation according to historical criteria, a thrilling, new world opened up before me. This new way of understanding music decisively influenced my way of playing music and, over time, led me, unwittingly, to what now is my profession since several decades. Not in vain, the first instrument I built was a baroque violin for my personal use.

It is not surprising, therefore, that I decided to specialize in the construction of instruments for the interpretation of ancient music under historical criteria.

Apart from acoustics, another aspect that attracted me to this type of instruments is its aesthetics, the diversity of its shapes, which leave the constructor more freedom when undertaking a project. Therefore, when I reproduce an instrument I pursuit to be totally respectful with it, not only on the acoustic aspect, but also on the aesthetic, with embellishments in accordance with the style of their time, taking the maximum care on the look and without falling into the grotesque.

This search for aesthetic perfection has led me to collaborate, for the realization of the heads of my violas da gamba, with an outstanding professional like Miguel Ángel Tapia, master sculptor specialized in traditional Castilian imagery. You can see some of his work in the Gallery page.

Although the main of my production is composed of bowed instruments for the interpretation of early music, I also build modern instruments, reproducing those of the most renowned builders (Stradivari, Guarneri, Amati, etc.).

The making:

To make my instruments, I use the best materials: top grade european wood, naturally aged for years, handmade fittings, natural pigments and oil varnishes, always attempting to meet the highest standards.

My production covers all types of bowed instruments:

  • All kind of viols, reproductions of the most famous makers: Colichon, Bertrand, Meares, Rose, Jaye ….
  • Vihuelas de arco and other medieval instruments.
  • Violins, violas and cellos, both in baroque and modern settings.
  • Cello “da Spalla”, lyra da braccio and other less common instruments.

Some of my instruments

Viola "Mantegazza 1793"

Inspired by the viola made by Pietro Giovanni Mantegazza, Milan 1793, that is in the National Music Museum, Vermillion (USA)

Body length: 16″ (40.59 cm.)

Viola "da Salò 1580"

Inspired by the “Kievman viola” made in Brescia by Gasparo da Salò in 1580.

Body length: 15.5″ (39,5 cm.)

Baroque mounted, with fingerboard and tailpiece in flamed maple with pernambuco purfling.

Violoncello "Montagnana 1740"

Made after cello by Domenico Motagnana,Venice, 1740.

Body legth: 75,5 cm.

Baroque mounted, fingerboard and tailpiece in flamed maple. Antiqued finishing.

Violoncello piccolo "Brothers Amati 1600"

Violoncello piccolo after “Amaryllis Fleming” cello made by brothers Antonio & Gerolamo Amati in 1600 in Cremona.

Body length: 70,5 cm.

String length: 64,5 cm.

Tenor viol "Rose 1598"

Tenor viola da gamba made after the lyra viol by John Rose, London, 1598, that is in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford (UK)

Body length: 58,4 cm.

String length: 60 cm.

A highly decorated instrument, with purfling ornamentation on back and top plates, fingerboard and tailpiece.

Bass viol "Colichon 1683"

Small seven strings bass viol inspired by that made by Michel Colichon, Paris, 1683, that is in “Cité de la Musique” in Paris.

Body length: 66,8 cm.

String length: 68,5 cm.

Bass viol "Colichon 1693"

Seven strings bass viol inspired by that made by Michel Colichon, Paris, 1693, that is in the “Musée d’art et d’histoire” in Geneva.

Body length: 70,5 cm.

String length: 69 cm.

Bass viol "Humel 1701"

Seven strings bass viol inspired by the instrument attributed to Matthias Humel, Nuremberg, 1701, that is in the MET Museum, New York. It has a very characteristic shape of the German school.

Body length: 71,2 cm.

String length: 69 cm.

Treble viol "Renaissance"

Treble viol in renaissance style. Own design based on diverse iconography and some surviving instruments.

Body length: 38 cm.

String length: 38,5 cm.


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